‎"You cannot have everything you want, but you can have everything you choose" -John Maxwell

So you want an amazing life? Why would you say no to that question? Everyone wants an amazing life! So why are the majority of people (95% to be exact) living a life they settled for? Its so simple its ridiculous….its so simple and obvious that most people can’t even imagine that it is the main reason they remain victims of life. Do you want to know why?…successful people know exactly what they want, they write it out, they share it with everyone they know and they come up with a plan to get it. If you don’t know exactly where you want your life to go you cannot make a decision on how to get there. If you don’t even know what you want, then how can you be upset about getting whatever life hands you? Sounds awesome right?? So what steps do you take to go from that 95 percenter to the 5% of human beings that are living up to their full potential? Lucky for you there are thousands of books out there about goal setting and dream chasing….this is the process that we use:

Step #1 write out everything you want out of life as if  you have already done it. No restrictions, no judging! Just let your pen write and your imagination run with it.

Here is Shanna’s wants as of 9/29/2010

  • I have seen the northern lights
  • I backpacked Europe
  • I bring in $20,000 a month in residule income
  • I have a house with a theater room
  • I can go on vacation whenever I want
  • I never look at my bank account
  • All my bills are paid automatically
  • I saved millions of peoples lives by helping them get healthy
  • I am the Jillian Michaels of Orlando
  • I was interviewed by Good Morning America because of a super awesome charity I started
  • I am a raising star in AdvoCare
  • I meet Chip Wilson and he is inspired by me
  • I have a 6 pack
  • I have a 6 pack after children
  • I drive an Aston Martin
  • I paid for Ashley to go to college
  • I own a library/home office so big that it needs a ladder on wheels
  • I actually cashed that check I wrote myself at 23 for $1mil on my 30th birthday
  • I paid my Dad back for our wedding
  • I have 2 beautiful children
  • I have a marriage people read about in romance novels
  • I love God and trust him with all my heart
  • I went on a long term missionary trip
  • I fly home once a month to see my parents
  • My business, TrueBalance gets recognized in the news as one of the most unique fitness businesses in history
  • I own a house in Napa Valley
  • I make organic wine
  • I’m still doing crossfit at the age of 80
  • I ran the tough mudder
  • I completed the Great Urban Race
  • I snorkeled in Fiji and stayed in one of those huts on the water with the windows in the floors
  • I surf
  • I rent a private jet whenever I travel
  • I make a donation so big they name a building after me
  • I shop the floating market in Thailand
  • I hike the Rockys for a week
  • I travel around the country and train distributors and inspire others to think differently and chase their dreams
  • I help millions get out of the bondage of debt
  • I am on the cover of INC magazine as a rockstar healthy entrepreneur 
  • I have maids
  • I have a pool and a hot tub
  • My husband is still convinced that I am the most beautiful woman alive
  • I show my children the world not just point to pictures in books
  • I am a full time volunteer by the age of 35

Step #2: Now that I have defined what I want its time to put together a plan. To do this we need SMART goals.
S – pecific
M- easurable
A- ttainable
R- ealistic
T- imely

Because writing out everything that we want is a brainstroming activity there will be no order….however we can now organize them and put dates to them. So this is how we do it: 

1-3 years: 

  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal

5 years:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal

10 years: 

  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal

Look at your want list and organize them into these catagories. Put them somewhere where you will see them everyday. Tell everyone you know about your goals. 

Other tips to make it happen:

 Make a vision board. Visuals can make your goals come to life. It also helps to have a visual representation of what your perfect life looks like.Get some magazines and start cutting. Our vision board:

Write down short daily goals to keep you on track. No joke this is our bedroom wall….

Every night we set our goals for the following day and write them on the dry erase board on our wall. We know exactly what we have to accomplish everyday in order to reach our bigger goals.
Million $ Check that is hanging on the bottom of the dry erase board:

In closing know that your goals, wants and perfect vision of life will change constantly….that’s okay. Stay true to yourself and explore. Its your life and you can have anything you choose.

What other ways do you have of staying on top of goals?

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  1. Would be great to see an update on this post. Interested to know if you still have that check. Keep rocking it guys!


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