The Pull of the past is strong

Do you ever wonder what makes change so hard? I always thought the hardest part of change was other people and going against the norm. But I have to tell ya, the hardest battles I have faced on this journey is me. Specifically running back to the comfortable old me that I’m so desperately trying to change. The pull of the past and who I used to be is so strong. Don’t underestimate it. It’s the thing that never leaves me alone and I have to choose to fight every single day. And I mean FIGHT. I don’t win every day, I do win more than I lose though. I beat myself up when when I fall back, but often have to remind myself that I’m a work in progress too. Maybe you need the reassurance today. This is a journey friends. Yesterday is over and today we get a chance to fight again for the future we’re creating. Give yourself some grace and keep moving forward. 🔥

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