Life is Too Short

If I’ve learned anything over the last month it’s this:

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be doing anything that isn’t in-line with your mission here on earth.

Stop getting caught up in things that don’t matter to you. Stop watching the news. Stop complaining. Stop being offended. Stop being busy. Stop being obsessed with issues that you can’t change. Stop gossiping and spreading division. Stop being afraid of showing up authentic. Stop trying to fit in. Stop trying to impress people. Stop comparing yourself to others. Who gives a 💩what they think or what they are doing.

Are you fulfilling your purpose? You are the only one that can answer that so stop asking people to validate you. YOU ARE PERFECT the way you are now because you were created that way. No need to “wait” until you’re “better” to do something that you’ve always wanted to do. There is nothing wrong with you. You are enough now without anyone’s approval or permission. You don’t have time to waste. ❤️ love you friends.

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