The Why……

Good Morning! Or Night! It’s late I know but I have to share this!  I have to share this feeling! This is why I wake up every morning jacked up! This is what keeps me pushing through adversity, what gets me out of bed at 6am, this is my why. This is why I won’t settle for a JOB or a fancy title with a corner office…oh I’m not perfect, please I have thought millions of times how much easier life would be if I would sell out on my dreams and take a “good” paying regular job that MBA graduates land. Honestly last week we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to buy groceries because all of our credit cards are maxed out. When that negative talk comes into my head….. “why didn’t you just take that job out of college that paid $45,000 salary….why didn’t you just suck it up and stay in insurance…..” I always come back to my why. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur you have to know your purpose. You have to want it more than you want to eat sometimes. Meet my Purpose:

This is Alison when I met her a year ago
This is Alison now

Here is Her story:

“I added years to my life. REALLY. My journey began July 2009 when I was at work and mysteriously passed out. I was not responding and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital where after every test you can imagine was done, no actual diagnosis or cause was found as to why I fainted. But I knew why. My body had it with me and the abuse I had put it through. As I lay in the bed at the emergency room all that went through my head was that my son Jacob deserved more than this. I deserved more than this. I refused to continue eating unhealthy, not exercising and un-proudly having to say I had Diabetes Type II. My weight was at its highest 187 pounds. That for me was scary. I weighed 180 the day I had my son. He weighed 7 pounds. Which means I was technically carrying twice my son’s weight. ABUSE.
I found Advocare by mistake. I saw a sign on the bulletin board at my son’s daycare for Shanna’s boot camp. Yes I needed tough love at this point and was willing to go through the pain. As I was “checking” Shanna’s info out I ran into her Advocare website. I have to admit at first I was thinking, “Here we go again another wonder drug that promises to melt away everything”. But as I read it more and spoke with Shanna I found two things I liked: Shanna never pushed me onto it which to me meant it worked, she didn’t feel the need to oversell it, and the fact it was natural.
The journey to today was NOT easy by any means. I had to reboot my mind and body to the fact that I was now going to treat it well. And I have to admit it is STILL not easy. I started and continue to be on the Advocare 24 day challenge..And that’s exactly what it is….a challenge. You have to follow what the product says and if you do you see results. My personal favorites are the Spark Pink Lemonade and the MNS 3. No fake up feeling then down feeling but rather wonderful and powerful “good to go conquer the world” stuff. At least for me.
Today a year later I am most grateful for finding Advocare. I have lost 30 pounds, and my latest lab results show for the first time in 6 years that my A1C is at its lowest which means I am not a diabetic. Yes people, this can be done. I feel great and the scary part is I NOW realize how unhealthy I was living and how my body had been complaining for a while. Aches, fatigue, depression, Diabetes, high cholesterol to mention a few. But I refuse to go out like that……so I stopped the abuse and started spreading the love….literally….with Advocare, exercise and healthier eating.”

Alison’s story is my purpose. I love her and Jacob! They are my inspiration. They are amazing! It’s not about losing weight. Its about gaining life back. What about the rest of the Alison’s out there that want more life? I have an opportunity to help them. I have an obligation to help them.  Going to preach for a second…..God gave me this ability to change lives, he gave me that ability and now he’s testing my faith in his will for my life. See he wants me to grow in love. Adversity is a temporary test, it makes you stronger and forces you to grow. Thankfully accept adversity as preparation for greatness. God is trusting you with the precious gifts that he gave you, he’s trusting that you will do something amazing with them. And so I am. I didn’t settle and I never will,  one story like Alison’s could never be replaced by a salary or a corner office. God will take care of us. He was the one that put those dreams in your heart. I’m urging you to follow them. In the end God will always always follow through on his promises if you step up to the plate….he’s kind of amazing like that.  : )

Alison & Jacob

Whats your purpose?

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