Enjoying the whole journey

“I’ve had a rough month,” would be an understatement. Surely I’m not this big of a baby, but I have had at least 15 days where I wanted to stay in bed and cry all day. I’m learning a lot though. Things I didn’t know about pregnancy and that no one could explain to me 4 months ago:

1. You lose your mind. Seriously feel like an idiot, brain stops working.
2. You will say the most ridiculous things. This came out of my mouth last week, “I can smell your shampoo from over here, it’s making me sick.” Poor Jeremie.
3. You constantly have to remind yourself that you aren’t getting fat your growing a baby.
4. There is no cure for morning sickness, heart burn, exhaustion or weird food aversions. Suck it up and enjoy the ride.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m finding the calm in the storm. Learning how to enjoy every second of this amazing journey, even if that means loving crying in bed all day.  Know what’s funny? I’ve been here before. I already know how to handle this. I don’t want to call this a setback but if I was choosing my  pregnancy I would be that woman that never had nausea and was glowing radiantly with beautiful skin, hair and nails. Oh and a perfect little baby bump under a cute sundress. When I look like death, I’m breaking out like a teenager and I’m feeling like I have the worse hangover ever……it feels similar to a setback. Here’s the positives:

1. I don’t feel guilty ever about eating. If I can eat something and keep it down, it’s a good thing.
2. I don’t feel guilty about sleeping all day. ahhhh
3. I love watching my husband transform into a father.
4. I have a new found respect for all mothers, especially working women that go through pregnancy with full-time careers. 
5. And most importantly, as my good friend Christina reminded me of, my body is doing an amazing amazing thing and this little baby is going to change my life forever.

How can I complain about this experience? I can’t. I’m appreciating it, the amazing, the weird and the bad. I’m loving the moments.

When we first moved to Ohio, we had goals and a plan:

  1. New flip house
  2. Babies
  3. Crossfit Gym (starting in our garage). 

As usual our plans were a little off, we went backwards: CrossFit Gym, Baby, …..still working on the house.  Wow that’s another journey that is full of emotions. We have spent hours looking at houses, have put bids in on 3, walked away from one and were out bid on the other 2. We fell in love, had our hearts broken and are back to the drawing board. The right one will come. We own our house by June 30th 2011. Putting it out there.

For those of you demanding baby bump pics….

Up next…. the creative task of financing a house when you don’t have a regular J-O-B and an inside look at the gym. : )

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