What if we supported each other instead?

I find it odd that so many people are willing to support celebrities that they don’t know and big box businesses OVER their friends and family. Help me understand? The hardest battles I have to coach new entrepreneurs through is the lack of support from their friends and family and it breaks my heart. 💔 what if decided to support each other instead?

I always honor and support small businesses and friends businesses (especially direct sales) over any others because…

– I believe in them and their dreams
– I want to see them win
– Where I sow favor I harvest favor
– They have the best customer service
– The products are always better
– I’m investing in their family and their kids
– They care about me and help me get results
– I believe there is enough success for everyone

You don’t have to buy things you don’t use, but if you are currently buying or using services from someone else and your friends or family has a business doing the same thing. Maybe think about why that is and what’s stopping you from supporting them instead. If you don’t use their products and services, there are other ways to support and encourage. Golly how great would it be to live in a world where we support and lift each other up? How much could we all accomplish?



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