Humbled Beginnings

So here we are Shanna  and I have been through a whole lot of living for the 26 and 29 years that we have been on the planet. A series of decisions has landed us in a apartment in Orlando, Florida, that has tons of character. When signing on this white multi coat wonderland, Shanna accidentally left out the I in ideal and all we got was a deal.  I am sure the previous tenet was a heavy smoker that had an insatiable urge to hit and kick the walls out of disgust because of their cheeky whiteness… or maybe it was a cigarette smoking donkey with a bad gambling habit. Well i do have to admit they are very good at painting here. So much, that they even managed to paint everything (walls, ceiling, door knobs, counter tops cabinets, and mirrors). Ah, yes this is the life style of a dreamer fo sho.  Either way I suppose this is a great location to call home and we love every minute of it. 

 Well This is where it all begins! Two people and two crazy dogs in an apartment that is to small to hold all of our ideas.

Sleepless nights…You Betcha
Stupid harassing phone class from bill collectors…YEP!
Living without looking back….Awesome!

So share with us…Dreamers, What have you sacrificed?

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