Are you Serious????


Well i dislike the days that start out like butt! Being a living vessel in this world can be discouraging. Its like when you are a kid and you play the game king of the hill and everyone is fighting for the top then when you get to the top you still have to fight. By no means am i any where near the top! in fact i hated that game because i got hurt all the time… so i would just sit and wait till everyone left and i would climb to the top and recite my victory… what ever works right?

I guess what that means is; sometimes, you just have wait to form your own victory! If you start to dwell on the hurt and weakness you tend to become that. And man! that can rub off on people around you! and pretty soon you find that you are surrounded by grumpy frown faced clones.

Cloned Villains! I call them villains because they steal every ounce of happy juju that you may of had. Why? misery loves company. Not only does it love company but it gives you a key to the front door with a letter attached that reads:

Dear sir/madam,

    I find your positive out look on life amusing! have you recently watched the news today? you might want to. The forecast is predicting bad $h*t on the horizon and your neighbor could be a serial killer, thug, or thief. As you may have noticed we have included a key. This key gains you EASY access to doors deep within your private inter home of self pity. We have done this for the sole purpose that we know you’ll be back.

FYI: we are having a party… uhh we mean meeting of sorts that is sure to put you in a down right gloomy mood. food and beverages might be there we are not sure, nobody said they were going to bring anything. But rest assured someone will mess it up and we can all point fingers… btw don’t forget to bring a friend… or acquaintance


your EGO.

Life is full of bad things… and that is AWESOME!!! no i have not lost my mind. although i asked Shanna last night if i was! she seemed to think the same way i did. We joked and she suggested that it might mean we are both losing our minds… oh well! at least ill have someone to talk to.

Good and bad. night and day. up and down. left and right. wrong and right. AWESOME and SUCKY… these things exist for one purpose and that is so you can realize how good something really feels. We have to experience bad stuff to know how powerful and  how awesome something truly is. The trick is not to allow a butt of a day effect you. Its hard not to focus on the overwhelming mounds of bills, the promotion that you didn’t get or grind of life. You need to send the key to your private home of self pity back.  And remove the people in your life that you wouldn’t dare change lives with. You might say “well i only hang out with her because she needs someone to help her…” CRAP! all that is happening is she is adding your name to list for the pity party meeting. in turn you are picking up the negative vibe that she is transmitting.  How does it feel becoming a villain?

Remember you are the only one that can create your own happiness. You are a great and wonderful being. you have the ability to be awesome! Get that feeling of being alive just live. Live for you and your family, be happy. SMILE, its contagious… its funny being negative rubs off on people, but so does happiness. Don’t be a negative nancy or a Pouty Paul. nobody wants to hear about your problems, chances are they have enough of their own. So just be happy already and your world will change!

Small steps lead to great out comes… one more thing do something nice everyday for someone else. I know they need it!

How do you start your day, positive? Tell us how you change your attitude when you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.”

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