Best cheat day ever!

We get one cheat day per week for two reasons:

  1. Get all our cravings out of the way and keep paleo manageable
  2. Spike our caloric intake once a week to keep our metabolism working hard. 

The rules of cheating are as follows:

  1. Pick 1 day a week to cheat and stick to that one day. Avoid spreading small cheats out over the week.
  2. Eat whatever  you want and don’t feel guilty. 

That’s it! Pretty easy right? Following this 90% paleo plan, supplementing with AdvoCare and crossfitting 4-5 times a week, yoga once a week  my body fat has gone from 23% to 15.9%, I’m stronger than I have ever been and I haven’t had an injury.  After over ten years of trail and error with hundreds of different workout methods, supplements, diets, lifestyles and wellness techniques, this is the combination that works for me. It works for Jere too,  actually it works for any client that I put on it. This is my secret weapon. The cheat meal day is a huge part of that success. Yesterday was my birthday and Jere and I did it right:

Every 27 year old wants to go to Disney for their Birthday
First Stop Canada!
Ate bread for the first time in 8 months…..usually skip on the bread because it makes me feel bad the next day.
The best Filet mignon I’ve ever had with mushroom risotto, Jere and I split the meal

Yoga in Canada! Yes please…this goes out to my lululemons.

Handstand in Canada! : )
Off to the UK
For Guinness. Carl, the bartender at the pub was awesome! Go visit him if you are at Epcot
Napoleon pastry and Espresso in Paris.
We didn’t eat in or drink in Morocco but it was my favorite

Breathe deeply..
More kissing in Japan

Germany = beer and pretzels. Jere and I split the pretzel…not the beer.
China, these kids were amazing!
Absolutely amazing.
Oh boy..

Split Nachos and a margarita. It was not as good as it looks.
Played some 3D games….in future world
Paleo Heaven = Texas De Brazil
Changed our jackets in the car and we were all dressed up.
Amazing!!! Salad bar  and they bring you fresh grilled meats until you can’t take it anymore.

It felt so good to eat paleo after a day of unhealthy shenanigans. I told Jere. “When I get to heaven I hope it’s Texas De Brazil and I never get full.” Amazing!!! And if its your birthday you eat for FREE!! Sign up for their members club to get the coupon. All day today I had a food hangover. My joints were achy, I had no energy and I had really bad cravings for sugar. Most cheat days we do not eat this bad, most days we are eating beans or sweat potatoes or coconut ice cream or drinking wine,  but every once in a while its good to get crazy.  Especially on your birthday!

What is your favorite cheat meal?

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