Back in action

After an Epic cheat day I’m finally starting to feel normal again. Yesterday’s WOD was rough, overhead squat max #113 a PR but my shoulder was hurting and prevented me from going any heavier….definitely inflammation from the gluten and terrible eating, my back hurt last night as I was trying to sleep too. Today and yesterday I doubled up on my omegas in hope that the inflammation and pain will go away before the Nuclear Winter CrossFit competition tomorrow. 
In other news, we are set up to meet with the high school my Mom works at about their wellness program! Think we’ll  go in do a few nutrition seminars teaching very basic nutrition. Some people don’t even know what a protein or carbohydrate is and if they think they know its mostly BS that the lying food industry is selling.  Education is the key to change. Our goal is to go in and shine a little light on the truth. Just get them to think differently about what they are putting in their mouths. Of course it will be paleo and AdvoCare bias.
 We are officially signed up to get CrossFit level 1 certified February 19-20 in Charlotte! At $2,000 for both of us to get certified, this was a very expensive and nerve wrecking decision. After we move home, our plan is to reach out to the crossfit gym that is in Strongsville (about 25mins from where we want to open our gym) and see if we can coach at their gym for awhile. Our thinking is that if they will allow us to build our clientele base in their gym, we’ll pay them a commission for the use of their space and equipment, and their clients can use our classes without them having to pay us as coaches. We’re going to be open about our intentions to start our own gym once we have 20 members.  This Sunday we have an affiliate meeting here is FL we’ll be bouncing ideas off of some crossfit gym owners to see what their approach would be if they were starting up new. Our plans might change if we find a better way.
Here’s some exciting eats from the past two days:
Homemade Beef Jerky. Jere marinated Beef brisket in apple cider vinegar and spices

Cut it into thin slices and threw it in the dehydrator for 36hours
Jerky without MSG or Sugar!

Processed foods are not my first pick, these sausages have no weird crap in the ingredient list. Great for an occasional quick fix.
with frozen veggies they are pretty amazing! 
Water game! I love my lululemon water bottle. I play a game with Jere….who can drink more water bottles in a day. My goal is 4, which usually will beat Jere. : )
Something that helps with water intake is herbal fruit tea, brew it and pour over ice,  NO SWEETENERS!
If you have been refraining from sugar, this will taste sweet enough without adding anything.
This is probably going to be our kids favorite, chicken “breaded” with coconut flour, then brush with an egg wash, and then roll them in crushed pecans and various Italian spices. Bake at 375 for 20-35mins. Tastes better than the real thing.

Homemade burger (mix of organic free range beef & chicken) on a portabella mushroom bun, with a side of asparagus. If we make it again we will cut the portabella in half…too much mushroom.
Inspired by Diane @ BalancedBites: Beef, Kale, Cilantro soup. Steam kale, brown beef, add to boiling water (enough to make the broth) throw in TONS of fresh cilantro, tomatoes and mushrooms right at the very end.

I use to make protein balls all the time with peanut butter, when I went paleo I quit, peanut butter was the hardest thing to give up. I was reminded by my friend Gina @ Fitnessista that we could make them with almond butter! YES! The best desert ever!

Excited for the big move…which I am procrastinating the packing for today by blogging. Wish me luck tomorrow at the Competition! : )

Will post a competition recap asap.

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