Freezer Burn

Adjusting to the cold Ohio weather has been a lot easier than we had thought. We already did an outside running WOD in the snow….it was awesome! Growing up we hated the snow, the reason we left Ohio in the first place was the weather, now the snow has a calming, welcoming affect on us. We spent 3 years traveling around looking for a place to call “home” a place where the grass was greener. Think we were really looking for ourselves. We had to break out of our comfort zones to discover who we were. We had to leave to get a different perspective. Funny how perspective can change everything. The lessons that we learn on our 3 year excursion gave us the perspective we needed to truly appreciate everything we have in Ohio. We are loving every minute of the freezing state that we call home.
Our new CrossFit home, The BOX, lots of cool people that share a sick obsession with CrossFit. : )
Coolest free handstand pic yet!
Love Trader Joe’s for Meat and Fish
and Buffalo Jerky with no MSG!
While we were making dog food, we were eating some of the celery with almond butter, found this one at Sam’s Club for $5.99 an there is no sugar added.
Had this at Fresh Market while we were in FL, we recreated it at home, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and a little Garlic Expressions to add flavor
Not 100% paleo so use sparingly
Not a huge fan of processed lunch meat, so we bought full turkey breast and cut our own. If you are buying lunch meat read the ingredient list. If you can’t pronounce the words and/or don’t know what it is don’t buy it.
Absolute favorite snack on a cold afternoon, mix chocolate muscle gain with coffee. Love AdvoCare Muscle Gain…..its predigested so you don’t get bloated and its ran through a program called informed choice so there isn’t anything shady in it.
Asparagus, turkey and sweat potato
My sister got me the Paleo Diet Cookbook for my birthday! Can’t wait to try some new recipes!

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