The Power of One

“Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world” – Andy Andrews, The Butterfly Effect

Jere and I at Success School

We spent this weekend with some of the most inspiring people on the planet at AdvoCare’s Success School. One of whom was best selling author Andy Andrews. It would take pages upon pages to really describe what we experienced this weekend, but I feel like Andy’s message about the butterfly effect really does the best job at summing it up. Every decision we make has an effect on the world, whether you believe that or not, it’s a scientific principle known as the law of sensitive dependence upon initial conditions. Just like the scientific law of gravity you don’t have to understand it, believe it or even be aware that it is there to be effected by it. Scientific laws are truths. Sometimes I feel like I have to do something obnoxiously great to change the world. But its not the truth. I change the world with every decision that I make, how I react to situations and the attitude that I choose to have. And so do you. The pure fact that you are alive and breathing gives you purpose and ability to leave a legacy. Not by what you accomplish (building your resume) but by what you’ve contributed (building a legacy). At the end of your life you will look back and have one of two feelings #1 Regret or #2 Fulfillment. You choose every time you make a decision. Do  you live a safe life of mediocrity or do you let people in your heart and your life? Do you chase the dreams that God put in your heart or let fear, the little gift from Satan, keep you in your safe place.  Do you trust that struggles are part of his plan to make you stronger or fall into a pit of depression crying “why me” when your plan doesn’t work out? I want to share  a story that I heard this weekend about the power of one decision:

AdvoCare’s new endorser Colt McCoy  had one dream from time he was a little boy, to be the quarterback that lead his team to a national championship. On January 7, 2010 he was face to face with his dream. It was the last game of his college career as a Texas Longhorn.  The day was perfect and as quarterback to win the most games in college history, he was hours from achieving his dream. His plan was solid. However, God had different plans for him that day. In one play Colt was hit and his shoulder was numb. To shorten the story he was taken out of the game and Texas lost to Alabama. Then Colt made a decision that effected millions. He decided that day how to react to his reality. Here is what he said seconds after the game was over: 

Thousands have written, emailed, and shared this story of faith. Because of his decision to trust that everything happens for a reason and to voice that on National TV Colt touched more lives than he could have ever if they would have won. 

How many times have you missed the opportunity to make the right decision?

Don’t get me wrong we don’t have to be incredible starting quarterbacks to make a difference. We all make a difference. I use to think that my decisions would only effect me and some of the people in my life. Don’t make this mistake. Settling for less than your best, not chasing your dreams, being “realistic”, not challenging the “way we do things” when they don’t seem right does not do anyone a favor. Clarification; I’m not saying quit your job and move to Mexico because that is your dream, I’m saying make small conscious decisions every day to get you closer to that dream. Be grateful for what you have, enjoy every second of your life (good and bad), take a stand for what you believe in and fight for your dreams. If your plan is to go to college, get into debt, settle for a job to pay off your debt, live pay check to pay check, switch jobs every time you are offered a little more cash, live for the weekends, trade the precious hours of your life for dollars, and build your retirement fund so you can finally live your passion at the age of 65,  I  strongly urge you to find a new plan. Even if you truly love your job your future depends on someone else. Pension plans, benefits, retirement are all things of our past they will not be around long. This system is failing and we are seeing the effects.  Be smart and create multiple streams of income, get out of debt so that you do not owe anyone anything and prepared. Become financially independent so that you can be a contribution not just a cog in the big business machine living for your pension.

This is not an advertisement for AdvoCare, but it is an endorsement for direct sales. I don’t know any other way for an average person to create an abundance of wealth. Find one that fits your passion and start creating a second stream of income. There are thousands of great companies out there. If you’re into Makeup, especially if you are into organic non-toxic makeup, Arbonne, is a great company. There’s ones for jewelry, tupperware, house decorations, cell phone services….do some research and find one that pays well, has a value system that you believe in and is filled with people that you want to be around. Our AdvoCare team is like our family. Beware of companies that promise quick easy money. It’s not easy. You will work if you want to be successful. Here’s my question, if you are going to work hard for the next 5-10 years why not build something that is going to pay you for the rest of your life?

3 of the most amazing people we know

Jere and I are part of AdvoCare because we are passionate about helping people get healthy. The products work and the business opportunity works. If you’re still reading I’m guessing you are looking for something, that you want to be a difference maker. You will effect millions whether you want to or not, you will change the world no matter what…..its a fact.

The question isn’t will I make a difference, the question you should be asking is what kind of difference do I want to make?

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