Sometimes you need a break

I promised a million people I would have my goals redone and ready to go tonight, but its not going to happen. I’m tired, I’m burnt out and I’m taking a break. I’ve stared at this computer screen for over an hour now and I am completely uninspired to write new goals. What’s been going on this past week has completely drained me emotionally and physically. I’m not going to wine about this funk I’m pushing through but I will be honest. Small setback. There needs to be a balance readjustment. The big announcement that I have to make is this, Jeremie and I are now training at a CrossFit gym. This announcement is also the source of my balance issue. Here’s how this week went, 5:00am wake up  go to crossfit to train myself, come home shower and head straight to lululemon until 4:00pm, go straight back to crossfit to train until 7 or 8pm, get home cook dinner, shower, answer emails for about an hour, clean up and crash around 11:00pm. This is what my schedule looked like for the majority of the week and I am dreading going through it again. Our goal is to own a CrossFit gym. This past week we had an interesting opportunity of joining forces with the owner of the gym we work at and help build that into a successful business. He already had a couple interested in the same thing. Today we had a meeting with the owner of the gym and the other couple and we are entering into a 3 month trail period where we see if this is a feasible setup. Can there be 5 owners? Can we all get on the same page? Can we all win? Right now for me I feel extremely overwhelmed for a maybe. My dream in life has always been to be a gym owner. We also want to travel and give our children a wonderful life and never have to worry about financial pressure. We know 100% there is no way to do that with a gym being the only source of income. I’ve ran the numbers a million different ways to make it work. It’s not going to happen. And even if we could make enough money we wouldn’t have the time to travel or raise our children. We would be married to the gym, trading hours for dollars. That’s why our focus has been to build our AdvoCare business to a point where we can live comfortably ($80,000) before we venture into opening a gym. That way the gym was our passion that we get to share with people..not a business that stresses us out.  That we could let people workout for free if we wanted to. That we could hire and pay trainers to run it when we were gone. That we would actually have time and money to travel when we wanted to. Helping people reach their goals is my passion. Helping people become more than they thought they ever could be is my passion.

And so investing time into a gym right now might not be the best solution for us. We have to sacrifice hours from our AdvoCare business to build the gym business, when we know that is not what is going to pay us. Where do we draw the line?

The next couple of months will be interesting. I am going to make a promise to myself to stay grounded and take a break when I need it. Will that happen how I plan…..probably not…I like to do everything all at once by myself. In the past this is where I break. I’ve learned a lot from the 4 businesses I started that didn’t make it. Just by being aware of this balance issue I feel like it’s going be the tipping point for me. Being aware that I need to call myself out when I don’t follow through too. I want to become the leader that I was meant to be. To do that I know I must continue to grow and learn. This is one of those learning experiences that will make me stronger. Staying true to my goals and pushing my comfort level is where I grow. I want to be extraordinary. I want to be a difference maker. I want to change the world for the better.

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