"Sorry I can’t, I’m too busy"

“Being busy is seductive, just because you’re going flat out doesn’t mean your on the right path. If its the wrong hole you need to stop digging.” –The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun 

This by far is my favorite excuse to debunk. Why why why must people act like they have no control over their life? Don’t you see that makes you the victim? Being busy does not mean that you are going anywhere. Being busy with things that are not important to you does not make you a better person. Being busy does not equal success. Now, being lazy and waiting around for things to happen to you is another thing. I’m not talking about that. Define your purpose and your goals and only be busy with those things that will get you there, everything else is a waste of time. If you don’t know where you are going it is very easy to get “busy” running around in circles. Being a fitness professional I hear, “I’m too busy” more than a normal person should ever have to, I usually answer, “we all have 24hrs in a day” Isn’t that the truth though? Got that from one of my favorite books, The Magic of Thinking Big. I’m 100% convinced if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. If not you will find an excuse. Being busy is an excuse. If you don’t want something a better answer is “no if I spend my time ______ than I will be taking time and energy away from what I truly want.” Be honest with yourself. Don’t make excuses, that’s lame. If you want to get healthy than do it, don’t waste my time or yours with excuses. If you want to make more money than do it. If you hate the weather and want to move than do it. You are the one that drives the “you” bus. Nobody makes you do anything except for you. If you’re “too busy” right now to work on achieving your goals, whose fault is that? Hate to be the bearer of bad news…..but that would be you.  

In that light, I’m happy to announce that I have redone my goals, re-focused my energy and am ready to cross more goals off my board. I work on average 12hour days, but I can tell you I am never too busy to pick up one more task if it is in line with my goals. I will also say that I am getting better at saying NO to the things that are not. Every decision I make gets me closer or further away from my goals. One choice at a time I determine my future. How amazing is that? Jeremie and I are now the only other owners in the run for the CrossFit gym. We made the decision to stay, it will become successful.  I work at lululemon but choose not to get promoted because it’s not my career choice. My ego gets in the way sometimes and I think I want to be in a leadership position at lululemon, but I have to constantly come back to my goals and be honest with myself. My BHAG is to be retired by the age of 35, that’s not going to happen by climbing the ladder at lululemon. Even though I love love love it there, saying yes to a promotion would take away time and energy from my AdvoCare business.  We choose to work AdvoCare daily because it is our future. Because it is the only thing that will allow us to be financially independent enough to be retired at the age of 35. I write this blog because it keeps me accountable. It organizes my thoughts. And I hope that it speaks to someone struggling to build a life that they imagined. 

Coming up next….be careful what you write on your goal boards they almost always come true…

Paleo eats: 

Paleo Muffins…..so good! Recipe from Everyday Paleo
Breakfast of Champions
Seriously bacon makes everything better, bacon on asparagus.
Bacon and mushrooms sauteed with spinach, baked mahi-mahi topped with guacamole and hot sauce
Sausage over raw spinach, salsa dressing.
Pizza with a turkey bacon crust! Use a tiny bit of Raw cheese.

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