IMG_3236It’s not that successful people don’t have them, it’s that they choose not to use them. The fitness industry has thrown this term “excuses” around for so many years, it’s almost lost its meaning. There are obvious excuses that we can all see…. but so many times “excuses” are very real and valid reasons on why we don’t accomplish our goals. That’s what I want to talk about; what valid reason do you have for missing the goals you created for yourself? An injury? A demanding job? Kids? Spouse? Age? Illness? Average people will tell you it’s not your fault. Extraordinary people will show you their list of obstacles and explain how they found a solution instead of using them as a way to excuse themselves. Even though everyone would understand if they did use them, they decided to overcome them instead. There is always a way. Once you decide that you will not use excuses no matter what, you’ll start to find solutions too. It’s a decision and commitment to being a problem solver. Once you make that commitment you’ll notice the excuses don’t go away, they just don’t have the power to stop you anymore.

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