Living through the montage


You ever notice that most movies have the same story line? Main character has a problem, finds a solution, starts a plan, fails, creates new plan to overcome obstacles, MONTAGE through the work, happy ending. All nice and neat in a 2 hour production and that is why we love them. What does this have to do with lifting, losing weight, gaining muscle or getting healthy? IMG_3509So many of us have been conditioned to believe that the happy ending is the goal, that we can just fast forward through the process and get to the results without the pain. We try everything to go around it, cut corners, complain, make excuses, look for magic techniques and procrastinate. We want the heavy lifts, the skilled movements, the smaller waist size, defined arms, and the fast times but we don’t want to slow down and commit to walking through process daily. Listen, in life and lifting there are no montages set to happy music. This is your life, LIVE through the moments, walk through pain, face the challenges and enjoy the ride. The process is where the magic is, that’s where the change happens. The reward is always who you become in the pursuit of those goals, not that actual goals themselves.

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