What do you Want!?

In life we face a multitude of choices and that is a very cool thing!  When we demand something to change it is amazing what can happen.  We stop thinking and we will it to happen.  The hardest part about making that change is having a unwavering faith to see it through.  Don’t feel bad it is human nature to give up, because its what we are programmed to do.  Think about the time you did something really hard (ride a bike, bake a cake, write a thesis, ect.) all the while you may have gotten “ you’ll never finish…(fill in the blank)” So we quit, we conform, and everyone gives you the ole’ “its okay, maybe next time.”  The whole time they are thinking, “ I told you so, and you are again as miserable me.” 
Where does that leave us?
 Down (more than likely)
 Mediocre, (probably)
 Frustrated, (of course)
…  But why?
  Why is it that we take ourselves for granted?  We are amazing creatures of life.  We have the ability to adapt and flow with whatever the universe throws at us.  But the naysayers and dream stealers tear us down.  So we feel like we do not need silly dreams.  Then we forget what we really want in life just because it gets to tough.  I challenge you to take a stand on what you really want out of this life!
Better health.
Better food.
Better sleep.
A Better self!!

Like it or not  time is going to move forward and along with that so is life. Ever moving ever changing wonderful life.  So ask your self this, “Am I happy where my life is headed?”  Or are you daring enough to change and stick to that change no matter what anyone tells you.  Of course you may fall off the wagon every now and again but it is to build your strength to quickly get back on again.  Lets face it nobody on this planet is perfect!  NOBODY!  We all have wants and desires and there is nothing wrong with that.  The question remains though, how bad do you want it? You are the sole decider of that question.  Like I mentioned life is full of choices only you have the ability to choose!

 Weight loss can be as easy or as hard as a person wants to make it. I Wanted to add life to the end of my years… Lost 68lbs down 8 pant sizes… Love my life. “Either you can or you can’t either way your right!”- Mike Ferro

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