Goals Goals Goals

Now that it is 6 days into the new year I have to ask….have you made goals for 2011? How about revamped your 3 and 10 year goals? I’m huge on goal setting. Here’s my theory, if you do not set goals for yourself, someone else undoubtedly will. If you don’t know where you are going, someone will tell you where you should go. You know how it is, a drunk uncle at a family birthday party tells you, “you would be a great gym teacher” and all of the sudden you are in a 4 year college paying out the ass for a degree in teaching so you can live up to your uncles expectation of what you were going to do with your life. Okay so maybe not so dramatic, but you get the point. Not to be cliché  but I really like revisiting my goals in January every year. Note…this is not a resolution. Resolutions are for the masses of people that set the same ones every year and by January 31st have already quit. Don’t be that person. Set your goals with intention, be specific and dare to dream big.  I wrote a blog on how to get started on your goals a couple of months ago.

But it takes time…of course it does you’re planning your life. I spend hours on perfecting my goals, rewriting them, getting feedback from others, I read my 10 year vision every night before I go to bed, I stare at my vision board every night and morning because its pinned to my ceiling above my bed and is the last and first thing I see everyday. If you asked me where I was going I could paint you a detailed vision of what my future looks like because I am in love with it.

Now, will it all come true…..most definitely not. And that’s okay. I set some ridiculous goals for myself I know that. So I rewrite, re-plan and keep moving forward.  In Seth Godins book Linchpin he warns about falling so in love with a future that didn’t happen yet that you miss opportunities happening today. Just be aware of the fact that everything you plan will not happen and you have to be okay with it and ready to redirect. In fact if you miss 50% of your goals you are on the right track. Set them high.

So you ready to get started? lululemon created this amazing tool that will walk you through the entire process, plus it will send you emails when you are getting close to your by-whens! Check out goaltender.

And in case you are wondering I do follow my own advice. Here are my updated 10 year vision and goals as of 1/1/11:

10 Year Vision:
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I wake up in the morning without an alarm clock; I can hardly wait to see the new landscape that is our backyard today. Jeremie is already in the kitchen of our RV cooking paleo pancakes for breakfast and preparing jerky for the next day. I sneak around the corner to get a view of Jude and Adison’s faces as they admire they’re Dad in action. Jude wants to be just like him and Adison is convinced she will marry him, although he always jokes with her and says, “I don’t think that your mother would like that.” We are on our first RV exploration trip around the States it’s the last day before we head home. The twins are old enough to remember all the places that we have shown them. They will be talking to their classmates about seeing the Rocky Mountains when they learn about them next year in school. Today we have an AdovCare training event for one of our growing teams in Charleston, SC. Jude makes everyone spark, that’s his specialty (even though he gets it all over the place) and we head out to the local Crossfit box in town. We have a competition coming up and are going to fight to remain the top in the world. Every year the competition gets better and so every year we push ourselves to be better. Being well known in the CrossFit community as a power couple, we are greeted at the gym with applause; humbled we give praise and encouragement to others that express their interest in competing. WE are so very thankful that our business allows us to travel and meet so many wonderful people. After the WOD we meet up with our AdvoCare team at the best local beach restaurant. Our kids having grown up with the same values and inspiration as the other AdovCare families play on the beach as we plan our next group incentive trip to Thailand. Jeremie and I pay the bill and we head to the RV to get ready for our event. There are over 500 people at the event tonight, and they are looking for hope, that’s what we bring them, that’s why they are here to see us. Hope for a life built by design, hope that it really can be done, proof that being rich doesn’t mean divorces and selfishness, hope that good people really exist and care about them. During our trip we inspired hundreds to chase their dreams, in our 10-year journey to the top we inspired millions. When we arrive home to our brick house in Olmsted Falls, Jeremie turns to me and says “how did I get so lucky” The children start school in a week and we are already excited about our diamond trip to Fiji in November, good friends, good conversation and good food.  On Monday we wake up again without an alarm clock and decide it would be fun to surprise the twins with a trip to BC to see the Northern Lights, we do it without looking at our bank account, without calling off work, without worrying about anything. We live in the moment.  When we return home we go to church and volunteer to help for the fundraiser that they are having next week. We donated $100,000 this year to help build a new building and were both involved in every step of the construction. After Church we head home for our weekly football cookout with friends. Monday starts a new adventure as Jeremie coaches Jude’s lacrosse team and I coach Adison’s cheerleading squad. Life is good! We are blessed to have an opportunity to be the role models that our children look up to. 
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Type of Goal:
1 Year: 2011
3-5 Year: 2015
5-10 Year: 2020
        Jere and I Move home to Ohio by February 2011
        We are Debt Free by March 2011
        We Buy a fixer house in Olmsted Falls in cash by March 2011
        We Move into our newly remodeled home in Olmsted falls by June 2011
        We have our twins by November 2011
        I Cash $1mil check that I wrote to myself at age 23 by January 2014
        Jere and I Take Dads on a hunting trip to British Columbia during the northern lights by February 2015
        We are retired by Jan 2020
        Jere and I Volunteer at least 20 hours a week for our community and our kids sports by by June 2020
        Travel to Europe, Thailand, and Africa with Jere and the twins by August 2020
        We build dream house in Napa Valley and use it as a vacation home by July 2020
        Retire both parents by December 2020
        Go on a 1 month missionary trip to Africa with Jere by December 2020
        I Take 5 crossfit classes a week by January 2011
        I Practice yoga 1 time a week by January 2011
        Jere and I both eat 90% paleo by January 2011
        I have 13% body fat by March 2011
        Complete 1 muscle up by March 2011
        I continue to do Crossfit 3times a week up through the 8th month of pregnancy by August 2011
        I do a pull-up 9 months pregnant by September 2011
        I compete in the Tough Mudder by November 2013
        I Compete and Finish the Death Race March 2014
        I Qualify for the CrossFit games by August 2015
        I Have 13% body fat by August 2015 after having our two children
        I Maintain 16% body fat by 2020
        I Learn how to surf By June 2020
        Backpack the Rocky Mountains with Jere by July 2020
        Rock climb the Matterhorn in Switzerland with Jere by September 2020
        I am Key Leader at the outlet by January 2011
        I am a level 1 crossfit certified coach by March 2011
        Our AdvoCare business brings in $2,000 a month in residual income by March 2011
        I am Cleveland Assistant Store Manager by March 2011
        We Produce 3 new silver organizations in our AdvoCare business by June 2011
        I Help a new team member earn an AdvoCare $6,000 rookie bonus by June 2011
        We Pin Ruby in AdvoCare ($6,500 a month) by December 2011
        I coach 1-3 classes a week at Jere’s successful crossfit gym in Olmsted Falls
        I am Store manager for new lululemon store on the Westside of Cleveland by April 2012
        We Earn AdvoCare rising star award by June 2012
        I am lululemon’s Midwest Regional Community Trainer June 2015
        We Pin Diamond (and maintain $80,000 a month) by October 2015
        I am Lululemon ambassador by Jan 2020
        We Have an AdvoCare 3 star organization in all 50 states by January 2020
        We Train at AdvoCare’s success school each year by February 2020

So what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? 

-Shanna Tokarsky 2011

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