Packing, Stuffed Peppers and Baby Preparation

Over the next year we will be sharing our story as we go after the 2011 goals that we have set for ourselves. Everyday we either move closer to our goals or further away. Our biggest opportunity for improvement is focus. Jere and I love to start new big projects….we both unfortunately don’t love the finishing part. That’s why the concept of shipping what so insightful to us. The idea behind this blog is to share our journey, but it also is to keep us on track and focused.  Here’s what we’ve been up to today in line with our goals.

Packing….with the move date two weeks away we’re trying this new thing where we pack a few boxes a day instead of cramming everything in garbage bags and random boxes a day before the move. 

 Lots of organized labeling too since our stuff will be in storage for about 6-8 months while we find a house and fix it up.

 Everything looks very empty and WHITE in our apartment without our decorations.

Jere made the best stuffed bell peppers! Stuffing was organic chicken sausage, grass fed beef, onions, and portabella mushrooms, baked and topped with organic (no added sugar) marinara sauce.  All paleo!  My body fat is now at 15.9% Thank you very much..goal 13% by March, to get there I am only giving myself one cheat day per week. Which by the way, is highly recommended by my new favorite book The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. His research shows that spiking your caloric intake once a week will help you lose body fat by keeping your metabolism on its toes…obviously there is a way better scientific explanation in the book, but that is what I got. Seriously though check out this book trailer: 

How could I not get that book!? It turns out to be pretty awesome anyway.  And then to finish off today with a big giant cherry on top I got a call from my Mom who informed me that her principal wants to start a wellness program for the teachers…….WHAT?! Hook us up Mom. And she did with this email to her principal: 

Hi Jeff,

……..Also, my daughter and son-in-law are moving back to our area from Florida at the end of this month.  Shanna is a certified personal trainer, that is specialized in boot camp exercise programs.  Both she and her husband, Jeremy Tokarsky are specialized in nutrition..  They will also be  level 1 certified cross-fit coaches by mid-February.  Together, Shanna & Jeremy have wellness programs that they’ve developed & taught for employees or various other groups of people.  They have been promising to “whip” me into shape and are very interested in working with our high school staff.  I have sent Shanna the school phone number and she is planning to call you to discuss details.  FYI:  Her cell phone number is 440-***-****   ……

Thanks for the shout out Mom!  We have 2 AdvoCare wellness programs already designed that we plan on executing at her school if her principal is on board. Love doing wellness programs because we have the ability to change so many lives at once. And on top of it most teachers need extra cash, and its an even better feeling to help someone out of the bondage of debt and money issues. That’s why we love AdvoCare so much because we can help them reach their health goals and then if they are interested we can provide them with a business that will allow them to chase their dreams. It doesn’t get much better than that! Will keep you posted on the progress of our programs. Also did you see how I held us accountable for getting CrossFit certified? I told my Mom to tell her principal that we would be certified. Tell people about your goals like you already did them. Not…”I might try….blah blah blah….” no say your goals like you are 100% certian they are going to happen.
Oh and about the baby preparation….Don’t get too excited we just took one step in the right direction…
Nice book to get you talking about baby issues, but its super general….and we are going to be doing our pregnancy 100% paleo and with crossfit at least 3 times a week. So most of the diet/health information doesn’t work for us.
One more exciting thing….a new BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Not going to tell you tonight but I will in the next post. But I did want to share the excitement of having a new one and that it involves pregnancy, paleo lifestyle, and crossfit. 
Did you take any steps toward your goals today?

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