What is Paleo?

If I get that question one more time! I have explained paleo eating about a million times, which is followed usually by something like, “Oh I love sugar and bread, I could never……” Fine than why did you ask?  What I’m not going to do is write about what paleo is, no I’m going to show you with pictures!  If you want to know more I already wrote an article, that includes a hilarious video, explaining the details of the paleo diet. I’ll also throw in the some news on progress of my goals and Reveal the new BHAG!

Every morning I start with a Spark and a Meal Replacement Shake from AdvoCare. Now hardcore paleos will tell you this is not paleo, but AdvoCare keeps paleo easy and manageable for me. And so it is part of my paleo diet. And AdvoCare supplements are tested by Informed Choice so I know exactly what I’m putting into my body. If you are supplementing…..which everybody should be because soil/air pollution have stripped our food supply from most of the original nutritional value…FIND OUT WHERE YOUR SUPPLEMENT is being MADE. It’s scary what’s going on in the industry. This sums it up pretty nicely:

Sorry I got distracted…..I aim to keep my carbs under 50g a day. The shake has 25g of carbs and 25g predigested protein. I also happen to be on an Herbal Cleanse this week, we do one every 90days….It’s like a oil change for the body. Plus we get to eat, unlike a lot of the weird cleanses that people do. Otherwise I would be taking my regular vitamin system called MNS ( metabolic nutrition system). 

 Then I take a lot of Omega3s that come from deep sea fish, hold the mercury thank you. Again, where is yours coming from?

Then I headed out to meet my lulu girls at College Park Yoga.

When I got home I had a quick snack, almonds and a clementine

For lunch I made Stuffed Avocados I got the idea from Everyday Paleo an awesome source for paleo recipes.

Of course I tweaked the recipe I used this Latin Lemonaise instead of mustard…. It’s paleo and amazing

Sam helped clean the tuna cans. Speaking a can tuna, I would have loved to have something with less mercury, like the Trader Joe’s brand….but we don’t have any here in the south. So for this time the regular canned tuna in water had to do.

 I did some laundry,  probably most colorful laundry you will ever see

Sam helped me do some research and read other blogs and I called the Principal from my Mom’s school. He has 60-75 people interested in a wellness program! But he’s not running it. Some of the staff members are going to organize it. He is passing my info on to them and I’m getting my Mom to find out contact info for them…we will make this happen. I also talked to the Cleveland lululemon store manager and she is bringing me on the team!! YAY! Really excited to be part of the opening team of the Cleveland store! She also gave me insightful feedback on what I could be working on to get me to my goal of being the store manager. Nothing like honest feedback. Having people in your life that call you out is awesome! Uncomfortable usually, but awesome.

When Jere got home from work, we took our Catalyst and Arginine  and it was time for CrossFit Evolution. I power cleaned a personal record (PR) of 110lbs and did 9+9 in death by push-ups.

For dinner I made stuffed chicken and steamed veggies. I used leftover stuffing from the peppers that Jere made yesterday and wrapped it in bacon. And instead of butter I used bacon grease on the veggies. We save our bacon grease and substitute it for butter. Coconut butter works great too if you don’t want your food to taste like bacon. But seriously who doesn’t love bacon?

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): I completed my pregnancy 90% paleo (one cheat day per week) and continued to do CrossFit at least 3 times a week, Jere and I both blogged about our experiences and we co-partnered with Robb Wolf, Sarah from Everyday Paleo, Diane from Balanced Bites and Andrea from Crossfit Mom to publish the first Paleo/CrossFit Pregnancy reference book that’s written in story format using our blog as an outline and their research as the reference portion. 

Once I do more research and actually get pregnant I will reach out to each of these individuals. I will be the guinea pig to their research. They will provide the research and I will provide the story/testimony. Plus it will be really awesome to have the male perspective from Jere.

I will complete a pull-up 9 months pregnant:

From My Crossfit Pregnancy

What’s your BHAG?

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